In an amateurish Ramleela in the countryside, the situation becomes chaotic and humorous because of the involvement of a few untrained members of society enacting characters from the Ramayana. In the process, the situation turns hilarious when the boisterous Kartar Singh turns Ramleela into Ravan Leela and refuses to die if his demand of hike in fees is not accomplished. The organizer apologizes for this premature ending and is pelted with tomatoes. Music starts playing in the background and he gyrates to its tune. Ramleela, in the end, turns out to be a true Ravan-Leela.


Om Katare
Ashok Sharma
Keya Gupta
Mukund Bhatt
Mukesh Yadav
Prashant Upadhyay
Krunal Shah
Sahil Ravi
Harshal Singh
Dnyaneshwar Popalghat
Sailee Gaikwad
Aditi Unnikrishnan