Celebrating 45 Years in Theatre


Yatri Theatre is one of India's most popular theatre group performing more than 50 shows each year across Mumbai's and India's best theatres.


Yatri Theatre has been entertaining audiences for over 45 years with over 5800 plus shows of 100 plus productions. We have been dominating the theatre scene since 1978 and have had the delight and pleasure of delivering quality wholesome entertainment to you, our audiences. Fondly referred to as the Best Hindi Theatre group in Mumbai, Yatri has had performances across the country and in many international shows as well.

Besides performances, Yatri also showcases experitse in training, which is not just limited to actors. Yatri has workshops for schools, colleges and corporate training as well, wherein we train the attendees in confidence building, voice and body language, instant improvisation and creative thinking and much more. These are the tools that help organizations stand out from their competitors. You can get in touch with us to know more.

Yatri has had the privilege of standing out, not just as a flag bearer of the hindi theatre industry, but also in providing quality entertainment to the audiences for the last 43 Years. Having traversed a long journey, Yatri still feels it has just begun. Over the years, Yatri has performed Street Plays, Corporate Presentation Performances, Product & Book Launches, Movie Launch and what not by medium of performing arts. This has been so effective and has got us repeated requests year after year.

You can check out the scheduled shows on our website and book tickets! Don’t miss out as we have lots of popular and exciting productions. Come watch the finest entertainment by Mumbai’s Best Theatre Group.

Our Clients

Some of our esteemed associates who have been with us through our Yatra so far! These include our clients, sponsors, supporters, venues and other partners. These are some of the recent ones:

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