When their children start avoiding to look after their well being, the parents in their frail old age decide to take matters in their own hands. The parents, in turn, did everything possible at their given time and circumstances to give their children the best upbringing. In the bargain, they failed to understand their own plight which they never contemplated. 

When their children were young, they held their hand to take them through their growing years. However are the children willing to hold their parent’s hands when they need them the most, in their present old age? An enteraining and heart touching super hit production, written by the theatre stalwart, Late. Jayawant Dalvi. 

This production is one of the most coveted performances in theatre by far. Check the schedules page for show dates and venues.


Om Katare
Paromita Chatterjee
Gouri Hounavar
Ashok Sharma
Sailee Gaikwad
Mohit Manghnani
Raaj Shetty
Rishi Khurana