Product Launch

Yet another innovative medium to launch a product using the power that drives across the communication more than effectively!

Launching a Product utilizing theatre as a medium is an innovation registered in the users’ minds long after the launch is completed.

  • Higher recall
    Instant demonstration
  • Highlighting need fulfillment
  • Reaching the right audience

Bollywood Production – Halla Bol
Movie promotion for Halla Bol – Raj Kumar Santoshi
The movie was extensively promoted by street plays across 10 cities which was attended by the cast as well. The movie was designed to cut across unacceptable societal norms and successfully achieved the same

A custom designed production was created which was performed and led to massive appreciation and promotion at the ground level which was in-turn instantly measureable.

Book Launch – “Bharat”
The book launch of “Bharat” by Dr Vineet Agarwal
Launched at Comic Con 2017.
Published by Penguin Publishers

An excerpt from the book was performed to the media and audiences and instant sale of over 30 copies

Book Launch – “Excuse Me Boss”
Two Book Launches by Yatri Theatre at Planet M
Extensive Media Coverage & PR
The presentation / Play was conceptuaized to have the characters of the book come to life and step out of the life size book.

One of a kind play devised on a book by far. The presentation was a huge success with high engagement and recall. This helped push sales to substantial levels. 

Mahindra Tractors Division – New Tractor Launch
Yatri performed for 3 consecutive years for Mahindra Tractors annual dealers meet
Each year there has been a continuation of the story from the previous years for the launch of a new product each year

It highlighted the following aspects:

  • Product positioning
  • Need of the product
  • USP of the product
  • How they can sell easily
  • How it addresses the market needs