Corporate Services & Events

It is little known that besides Theatre, Yatri performs for a large variety of corporate. What’s more interesting is that these services are not just limited to our current running productions, but it is designed to help corporates achieve many objectives, Social, business and Entertainment.

Not just corporate, Yatri also has many products for events and designs customized events presentations and much more for achieving what the clients desire. Check out the details for the same below. We cover the following elements:

Custom Designed Productions

Specially scripted & performed to help your organization achieve a specific objective.

Product Presentations

Having a dealer or team meet? Let us create a special production to present your new concept, offering or idea. No more boring presentations!

Product Launch

We help you create that impressive launch with a presentation that is innovative and will remain etched in the minds of clients, media and audiences. Establish a benchmark!

Street Play - Awareness & CSR

We help you achieve your organizations CSR Objectives with performances that create social awareness.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Fullfiment)

We have certain productions that are designed for creating awareness for various causes such as Girl Child, Senior Citizens and more. We also perform for underprivileged sections of the society.

Annual Celebrations & Get Togethers

Having a corporate or community get together? Let us perform our entertaining productions for you.

Workshops & Training

Yatri has many workshops designed to train actors. In addition, Yatri also has corporate workshops for life skills, confidence and personality development.