Yatri Theatre was established in the year 1979 by Shri.Om Katare. Over the years, Yatri has managed to win the hearts and minds of audiences with its meaningful and entertaining plays and performances. The commitment exhibited by Yatri Theatre under the direction of Shri.Om Katare has made it one of the most coveted theatre associations in the country.

Yatri Theatre has not only performed for audiences on stage, but it has also encouraged new talent by conducting various platforms for Music, Dance, Poetry and Acting. Having conducted various workshops, custom designed performances for corporates, film launches, social messages and causes performances and much more, Yatri has made a mark in the minds of people.

Although Yatri is known for its wholesome family entertainment performances, the commitment to social causes and its awareness with its selected productions has created a mark amongst the celebrity, political class and mass audiences alike.

Yatri Theatre has delivered many a talent to the theatre, television and film industry and it continues to grow each year. In the year 2019, Yatri marked a milestone 40th year with a festival which is termed as the largest theatre festival in Mumbai. It spanned more than 40 shows over 40 days and covered 10 plus theatres. Yatri now confidently steps into its 454th year with many new innovations and productions in theatre.