Product Presentations

Ever wondered how you can make a product presentation interesting? Is there really another way to make a presentation other than just your regular slides, formals, and a boardroom? Yes, there is! There is the most proven, effective – Yatri way!

Move aside the boring presentations of a product with slideshows! It’s time to get engaging!
Presentation of a product by way of Theatre ensures

  • Refreshing communication
  • Effective communication as it is relatable to real-life situations
  • No drop of attention
  • Very long recall value
  • Real-time operation & Demonstration
  • Extensive PR Opportunity

It is a proven exercise that the theatrical and demonstrative presentation has a far greater impact, understanding, and recall value. Feel free to discuss with us various ways o how we can help you achieve this!

Product Presentation for Tata Consultancy Services

Yatri has had a successful 12 year association with TCS, for the launch of 3 innovative products.

These performances were attended by over 900 dignitaries and business heads from all across the world. This included Shri. Ratan Tata and the entire board of Tata Sons.

These performances were held PAN India. They generated extensive Publicity & PR. Our Director Om Katare was the face of the Product for 5 Consecutive Years

Utilizing performances, the internal and external customers were:

  • Explained the need of the product
  • Explained how to use the product
  • Explained how the product can help their business grow (external customers)
  • Explained how the product can be sold to clients ( internal clients)