Custom Designed Productions

Yatri provides you with proven expertise on scripting, direction and performing on any given subject concievable for any organization. The subject can be related to any of the organizational goals such as:

  • Community reach
  • Internal product introduction
  • Product training
  • Good practices – bad practices
  • And any given subject that is of importance and relevance to your organization

Custom designed productions for Piaggo Motors
Yatri performed for Piaggio Motors in their annual dealers meet in Goa in 2019.

The objective was:

  • Enhance Customer Values
  • Engage additional Dealer outlets
  • Promote new customer service initiatives and its instant responses
  • Benefit to the dealers by adopting these practices.
  • Enhance dealer faith in the product
  • Highlight the bright future of the dealer

No TV Day for Hindustan Times
Yatri Theatre designed a production for Hindustan Times (HT) for No TV Day.


Yatri designed a production for Hindustan Times which was performed across various corporate offices in Mumbai. The production was designed in a way so that it can be performed in small and tight spaces such as Reception areas and in between cubicles. The performance and production was very well recieved as it was socially relevant, drove the message across the message very well and was warmly recieved by the corporates.