Workshops & Trainings

Yatri specializes in training & workshops for various categories of students. Life is an ever learning proces where learning never ceases to exist. Be it the corporate sector, entertainment or education,sector, Yatri has a custom designed offering for each objective that you wish to achieve through this workshop. 

What can a theatre group do for the corprrate sector? Be it team integration,  

Yatri has undertaken more than 60 workshops for many schools, colleges and Yatri’s own workshops over the last 40 Years

Workshops for corporates include:

  • Acting
  • Body language
  • Voice modulation
  • Improvisation
  • Creative and On the feet thinking
  • More…

Students 10 Day Workshop, Nashik – Nashik Cambridge School

Ramesh Sippy’s Institute

Yatri Has held workshops at

  • Goenka Institute of Media
  • Yatri workshops at Yatri Rehearsal Hall
  • Lions Club, Lokhandwala
  • Prithvi Theatre Summer Time
  • Prithvi Theatre Wintertime
  • More..