Corporate Social Responsibility

Yatri has always designed its productions to carry a direct or subtle or subdued social message. These productions can always be watched with family & friends.
Yatri, in particular, has a few plays which fulfill the CSR requirements of various corporate as required by the Government.

Yatri has a registered CSR Certificate from the Government of India and is valid across Maharashtra and rest of India as well. Your organization can officially utilize its CSR funds to organize shows for creating awarness in the society and for various other purposes as well.  

These plays carry a heavy social message on a particular subject that is haunting society in general. Two of these are KaalChakra and HumPaanch
There are also various regular running plays & children’s Plays that can be booked for performance. These can be shows to underprivileged sections of society thereby contributing to the one-ness of society and raising the awareness of talent among these classes.

This production highlights the plight of the senior citizens in India.
Synopsis: The mother and father spend all their energy, time, and savings in ensuring that they give the best upbringing to their children. The children, however, don’t do their best in supporting their parents in their frail old age. What are the parents to do in such a situation? They find a way out and decide to lead lives independent of their children
This production was adopted by ONGC for 6 Months. During this period, it was shown free of cost to senior citizens and this trend is being followed to date.
This production was adopted by RR Kabel group for their community contribution initiatives.

Hum Paanch
This production highlights the plight of the girl child in India
Synopsis: A single mother raises 4 independent girls giving them opportunities that are at par with any available for the opposite sex. She also runs an NGO which supports the cause of the girl child and inculcates these values in the children as well. Raising these girls singlehandedly is not an easy task considering today’s society, however, she makes sure that they are not affected by the absence of a father figure in their lives. The performance culminates highlighting that these girls were all adopted from abandonment.
This production was adopted by RR Kabel group for their community contribution initiatives.

Productions Available for Booking
Some of Yatri’’s productions can be booked for performances

Perfect Family ( New Production) (10+ Shows)

Chinta Chhod Chintamani ( 350+ Shows)

Tillu Ki Dulhaniya ( 120+ Shows)

Raavanleela ( 120+ Shows)

Hadh Kar Di Aapne ( 500+ Shows)

Jeene Bhi Do Yaaro ( 100+ Shows)

Children’s Plays: Our children’s plays carry a special message for children!

Magic If! ( 40+ Shows) – 

Chandu Ki Chachi ( 50+ Shows)